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An avatar is a Sanskrit word that means the descent or an incarnation of a deity on earth, with a purpose to destroy the evil on the earth.

You may be wondering what am I up to? Sounds a little odd!!!!

It is nothing but to impart you a little etymology of the word “Avatar”. Now let’s talk about the AVATAR MAKER of the virtual world.

WELCOME TO AVATAR MAKER: A place for Avatar lovers to create and share attractive, realistic, personalized alter ego to represent your presence in the virtual world of internet.

You can experience the pleasure in creating your own favorite alter ego using this simple, cool user friendly tool.

avatar maker

Avatars have become trendy these days as they occupy various positions in internet forums, internet chats, video games, artificial intelligence and this has raised the market of online Avatars websites and tools.

If you go through the website, you will realize what makes Avatar Maker unique and popular. It has a simple, clear and easy to follow way of providing instructions, that can guide even a non – techno savvy person to create his own beautiful avatar.

Avatar maker offers a complete free online service wherein you can select your own image and save it in the form of any of the avatar image or avatar format with the help of the avatar maker tool.

It is really cool to use this tool. Just have a look at the steps to customize the image here. The tool allows you to choose your own snap and save it in a specified avatar format and size opted by you to make it look as your descent. It gives an opportunity for you to choose the custom size of template to make you feel satisfied. You can choose any size as it offers the availability of various sizes for meeting your requirements. The available sizes are from 48x48pixels up to 200 x 200 pixels. It is giving enough space for you to make avatars in their own custom sizes from 30×30 up to 200×2000 pixels. This freedom enables you to convert the creation of your avatar into an experience.

You feel like giving it a try????? Why not? It’s easy nothing complicated…

The entire creation is a matter of three simple steps. Choose you photograph from your computer, choose your favorite alter ego format in desired size, crop the area to be highlighted and once it is done you can save it in your computer. All this is possible free of cost and remember this is not a trial tool but a tool that offers avatar making free every time you use.

You may like to use a cartoon image as your icon in chat rooms and creating them at times may be an irritating experience owing to the size parameters with respect to websites and chat rooms. To make this a hassle- free journey, the Avatar maker has a platform to support you. They offer a support tool the Anime Character Creator, which can help you cartoon yourself as per the platform where you use. The use of cartoon images ensures privacy especially in internet chat rooms and social media forums where you can enter into chat without revealing your identity. This feature suits you if you prefer a safe chat room experience.

character avatar maker

The highlight of Avatar maker is that it can stretch out to the changing trends of the virtual world.

Whenever you are in your spirits to create an avatar to represent your unique snap or image on a web page , you have a free Avatar Maker tool at hand that offers a good, high quality and excellent service.

Now to talk about the rating of the Avatar maker, it has been ranked high in the world with 327899 in terms of trafficking with most of its traffic from US. In US alone it has reached 157 605 position. You must acknowledge the fact that despite being poorly socialized in the social networks, the tool is able to achieve this rating. As per the tracks made by MyWot, Siteadvisor and Google safe browsing analytics, is a highly trustworthy domain where visitors never leave without a positive review.

The Avatar maker give 100% satisfaction to you since it is highly explanatory, less time consuming, customized features and above all totally and completely free of cost.